God Of War III Remastered: PS4 Review

God Of War III Remastered: PS4 Review

Released on PS4

The anti-hero Kratos returns - but sadly not in a new adventure.

This port of the highly entertaining God of War III is essentially as you'd remember it from the PS3 some 5 years ago.

It's the story of Kratos, the bald headed, rather angry, white skinned champion of the Greek Gods, who turned on them when he was betrayed. With vengeance against Zeus high on his mind, Kratos has to fight everything in his way - from creatures to mythical monsters - to achieve his goal. Or die trying.

Combat and lots of it is still the order of the day with this port - and it still looks frankly stunning as it always did on the PS3. Maybe that's why this game doesn't feel as fresh as perhaps it could - the original version was already pretty close to gaming perfection, a combination of great story-telling and bloodthirsty button mashing. Visually, it still looks good, and the addition of photo mode, aimed at making you share your finer bloodier moments is a nice touch to the proceedings.

And the port's not exactly small either with some 40GB invested in the 1080 framing and 60fps play rate.

The cut scenes sizzle and the opening titles alone are a cause for praise, with painted aesthetics smeared through with splashes of blood red- there's no more stirring a call to arms than this set of openers and none more appropriate for the title in hand.

If God Of War III Remastered on the PS4 plays a little tired, that's only because I had such a blast playing it the first time around - this time, there's only a few tweaks and minor touches that command it as being worthy of a remastered title and for you to invest in again - both in money and in time.

Maybe it's worth it for a wander down nostalgia lane - and it certainly plays smoothly and with no issues, but to be honest, I'd rather have a new God Of War title and see Kratos and the mythology advanced again - and while this one ends on a note that suggests it could go either way, I'm pretty sure at some point soon Kratos will get the PS4 treatment he so richly deserves.


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