I Survived A Zombie Holocaust: Film/ DVD Review

I Survived A Zombie Holocaust: Film/ DVD Review

Rating: R16
Released by Vendetta Film

Being one of New Zealand's first ever multi-platform releases,I Survived A Zombie Holocaust has a fair amount of expectation behind it.

And given the fact it's garnered good foreign reviews from specialist film festivals, means it has some prestige too.

It's the story of Wesley,  a runner new to the set of a B movie zombie film "Tonight They Come", a trashy exploitation pic that's as bad as you'd expect from the title. When people start getting sick on the film, and the actual zombie extras turn into real zombies, it's up to Wesley to save the day.

Bandying around comparisons to BrainDead, it's fair to say I Survived A Zombie Holocaust was expected to be of a certain calibre. And it's nowhere near that standard - in fact, in parts, it's worse than your worst 48 Hours Film entry; badly acted, poorly scripted, but with some good FX here and there, I Survived A Zombie Holocaust is actually quite painful to watch. From the lead playing Wesley who funnels every stereotyped nervous nerd and ends up being grossly irritating to the lazy scripting and long time set ups, the pay off of I Survived A Zombie Holocaust is simply not worth it.

While I can see what the film-makers were aiming for, I wish more effort had gone into the dialogue and the actual characters because the execution is weak and difficult to watch. Maybe a bit more self-awareness and some tongue in cheek would have helped, but I Survived A Zombie Holocaust is nothing short of a real shlocky shocker; a relic from the 80s that has all the gore but no savvy.


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